Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to the blog for Bay City Ukers! We are a ukulele club who started meeting in February 2011, and now meet up about once a month at the Golf Club, off Nelson Road, Whitstable. The idea was to create a uke group for people living on the coastal strip of East Kent who found it hard to get to groups in the more central towns.

Playing ukulele has become an extremely popular pastime again over the last few years and uke groups are appearing everywhere. Each is different but ours focuses on simply having fun playing together and doesn't take itself seriously. Beginners are very welcome and we can choose some easy songs to play if you have only just started.

Gordon's email zygite@gmail.com if you have any further questions this blog doesn't answer. Hope to see you there! The wearing of tartan is neither necessary nor obligatory, and if you have a non-uking partner, feel free to bring them along to shake their maracas and sing along.

May Session...


Thursday 8 May 2014 at the Golf Club, Collingwood Road, Whitstable CT5 1EB. 7.30pm to about 10.

Bay City Ukers - Looking at Music funny, and spilling its pint.

Friday, 4 April 2014

The Ukathon Songbook Has Arrived!!!

With just over one month to go before the Great Whitlit Ukathon, my technical assistant has produced the long awaited Ukathon Songbook (v1.1.1!). 

The contents have been rounded up and kidnapped from numerous other ukulele club sites, to whom we are most grateful.  

So without further ado, you can now print it off and scurry off to your bedroom, attic, conservatory or shed to practice for the Great Whitlit Ukathon! 


Friday, 14 February 2014

The Great Whitstable Uke-a-Thon!

A DATE FOR YOUR DIARY!! On May 10th - evening - at THE UMBRELLA CENTRE there is to be a grand ukathon as part of the Whitstable Book Week. There will be a bar/open mic during the interval/and the authors of THE NEW UKULELE HANDBOOK will be signing their book. Gordon will be there to tweak the nose of music, leading a multitude of unbeatable songs. 

Tickets will be on sale via the Horsebridge Centre at Whitstable at a princely £5. 

Uke-a-Thon Song List

This list will be published here very soon for you to print out and practice. 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Busting into 2014!!

Dear All, we're going to get the blog up and running soon and will be adding new songs for you to print off for Uke Nights. Next session is on Thursday 23 January 7.30 til 10 ish. Be there, and be square!

I'll be sending out a rough guide to the possible playlist soon.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

From Gordon

Dear Ukers and Ukists

Thanks everyone for arriving in fine voice again for the last session - a most enjoyable evening.

Robin has contacts in the murky world of lawn bowls. I have been in contact with their club and we have been cordially invited to play at their venue on a Friday or Saturday in September/October.

This would be our first 'public' outing, and as I envisage it, it would be much the same as what we do already, but with the club members joining in with the 'way hey!'s and the 'Da doo ron ron's.

I'd be interested to know how many would be up for this, and will bring it up at our next jam session which will be on 27th September at the usual place (The Angling Association).

Let me know what you think.

Best wishes to all,


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Dear All
Due to the Olympics and other shinanegans, the next Uke Meet will be on Thursday 30 August at the usual venue. All of which means there are no excuses not to learn 'Heatwave'.....
Have a safe and happy Summer (!?) and I look forward to seeing you then.
Best wishes,

Friday, 29 June 2012

Dear All,

We're meeting up again on 12 July 1930hrs at the usual Basement of Dreams for more ukulele mayhem. Don't forget - if you want to share a tune you'll need 12+ copies so that everyone can see. And you are forewarned that HEATWAVE!! will definitely be cropping up...!

Best wishes,



Thursday, 5 April 2012

Dear All

Don't forget Uke Night on 12 April. Another evening of testing to destruction some of the great and good songs from the last 100 years!

A couple of requests for those who would like to practice them:

Heatwave!       (not as hard as it looks!)

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Man of constant sorrow

Sweet Caroline

Look forward to seeing you there,

Best wishes,and have a Happy Easter